Our Services

Our Services

The Impressive Company provides expert know how for analyzing, planning and implementing strategies for sustainably operating in space. In order to always be factually correct, we work in very close collaboration with Space Analyses GmbH and other industry experts. 


Space traffic impact analyses for mission/constellation planning and operational support
Conjunction partner coordination for space craft operators
Consulting and support to prepare for impending regulations
Visualization and interactive simulations of space traffic behaviour with charts and 3D hyperglobes
Implementing communication strategies regarding space sustainability

Content Production

With our content production subdivision The Impressive Studios we create content to create awareness for space to all target groups, ranging from kids to the industry C-Level. We are not limited to film: Virtual Reality, books, events and presentations as well as mechanical escape-game installations are all in the realm of possibilities. 

We are also proud members of the Space Communication Alliance, the biggest international public relation network for the space sector.


Orbital Interference Data Analytics platform OIDA:

All of our work is based on data. To reliably create this data, we created a platform to implement orbital interference analytics and allows the work with a variety of different sources in order to confirm and enhance our calculations. With a high degree of automation and process customization, it allows users to run multiple scenarios with different parameters and algorithms and visualize the results as well as provide interfaces to other software solutions for further processing.

These applications are being built onto OIDA:

STROM – Space Traffic Reports for Orbital Management
Developed together with Space Analyses GmbH financed by the ESA GSTP programme the project is about conjunction analyses and visualization of space traffic

THRIMOS – 3D Space RF Intersection Monitoring in Space
With increased traffic in space, objects cross the radio-beams between ground stations and satellites more often, causing potential interference.